Oct 29, 2018

As Far As Concepts Go, TMC DUMONT is One of the Coolest and Craziest

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The TMC DUMONT is a concept art bike built and designed by Tarso Marques who describes it as a ‘hubless motorcycle with an airplane engine’.

Before we go any further with details and superlatives let’s see this thing in actual motion in the embedded video below..



TMC DUMONT is equipped with a 300 hp Rolls-Royce Continental V6 engine from a 1960s aircraft and fully leaked 36 inch wheels. I have no idea if it can actually turn and riders should be cautious as that back wheel is frighteningly close! It’s impractical, it’s ambitious, and I think it’s awesome to see a crazy concept brought to life and actually ridden.



TMC DUMONT won ‘Best of Show’ at this year’s Daytona Bike Week, the preeminent bike show for crazy concepts. The name DUMONT is a tribute to Alberto Santos-Dumont who is a national hero in Brazil and a renowned pioneer in aviation. He’s one of few people to have contributed significantly to the development of both ‘lighter-than-air’ and ‘heavier-than-air’ aircraft. Below you can see the behind-the-scenes build process along with additional photos of the DUMONT in action.



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