Oct 29, 2018

China Unveils Incredible Statue of Deified General, Guan Yu

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Photograph via CCTV News on Facebook


A colossal statue standing 58 meters (190 ft) tall and weighing over 1,320 tonnes has been unveiled in Jingzhou, China. The incredible statue depicts Guan Yu, a prominent historical figure in Chinese history that was a famous general during the Three Kingdoms period.

The general was later deified in Chinese culture and is reverently referred to as Guan Gong or Guan Di and has come to symbolize brotherhood, integrity, loyalty and righteousness.


Photograph via CCTV News on Facebook


The statue was designed by Han Meilin who is known for his designs of the 2008 Beijing Olympics mascots. The legendary figure (48 m tall) stands atop a 10-meter tall pedestal that has been designed to look like an ancient warship. Inside the statue, visitors can explore an 8,000 sq m museum.


Photograph via CCTV News on Facebook


Photograph via CCTV News on Facebook


In his right hand, Guan Yu is seen holding his famous “Green Dragon Crescent Blade”, an axe-like weapon that weighs over 136 tonnes. Over 4,000 strips of bronze have been glued to the sculpture, which serves as the centrepiece for Jinghzhou’s Guan Yu Park.
Below you can find some construction photos of the colossal statue.







CCTV News on Facebook
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Photograph via CCTV News on Facebook


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