Oct 29, 2018

Sculptural Guns Made from Typewriters Because Words are Mightier

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Mightier Than” is a provocative, ongoing series by artist Ravi Zupa. Using antique typewriters and various scrap metal parts from things like staplers, Zupa creates sculptural guns that look startlingly real. On his website he adds:

“These pieces are constructed from disassembled antique typewriters. Some have stapler components and scrap metal. Everything is held together with welds, bolts and rivots. The ammunition is composed of Speedball pen nibs and used bullet cartridges of various sizes. The pen tip is held in place with a piece of a standard number 2 pencil. Each cartridge is laser etched with the saw and hatchet symbol.”


To see more interesting projects from Zupa check out his work at the links below.
















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