Oct 29, 2018

This Woman Makes Tiny Homes for Her Wild Bird Friends

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Jada Fitch is an artist and illustrator based in Portland, Maine. She’s also a self-professed ‘birder’ who not only enjoys birdwatching and illustrating them (her bird drawings are wonderful), but also making tiny homes for her winged friends and filling them with delicious treats.

Fitch not only decorates the interiors, she places them outside of her window so she can photograph and video them as they curiously peek in. While the tiny homes are just a fun crafts project, Jada’s illustrations are fantastic and you can purchase prints and other items through her online shop.

Jada also notes that the homes are not for nesting (although she does have permanent bird feeders in her backyard). She just places them out long enough for a quick snack, and a quick snap 🙂

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