Nov 13, 2018

Jigsaw Puzzle Mashups by Tim Klein (9 Photos)

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Tim Klein is an American artist based in Vancouver, Washington who enjoys creating ‘puzzle montages’, a fun and obscure art form that uses pieces from various jigsaw puzzles to create new and quirky mashups.

Klein says he was inspired by the work of art professor Mel Andringa, whom he credits as the pioneer. He says he first read about his work in a magazine article from 1988. Klein adds:


Jigsaw puzzle companies tend to use the same cut patterns for multiple puzzles. This makes the pieces interchangeable. As a result, I sometimes find that I can combine portions from two or more puzzles to make a surreal picture that the publisher never imagined. I take great pleasure in “discovering” such bizarre images lying latent, sometimes for decades, within the pieces of ordinary mass-produced puzzles. As I shift the pieces back and forth, trying different combinations, I feel like an archaeologist unearthing a hidden artifact.


Below you will find some of our favorite jigsaw puzzle mashups, and you can find many more jigsaw puzzle collages and mosaics at Tim’s official site below.

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