Jan 28, 2019

23 Awesome Tips From a Professional Street Photographer

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Professional photographer Thomas Leuthard teamed up with COOPH (Cooperative of Photography) to compile 23 awesome street photography tips you can use on your next outing.

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23 Street Photography Tips with Thomas Leuthard



1. Shoot in burst mode and pick the best frame



2. Squint your eyes to see the luminance of a scene and place your subject in the brightest spot



3. Find new angles, get down low…



4. And up high



5. Use a tripod to find a new angle



6. Water is always a winner with a slower shutter speed



7. Shadows make great pics



8. Black and white usually works well with street photography



9. Frame your shot and wait for the right moment



10. Look for natural frames for your subjects…



11. Alleys and doorways are great for this



See all 23 Street Photography Tips in the Video Below!




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