Jan 28, 2019

Amazing Anamorphic Corner Wall by Odeith

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Artwork by ODEITH
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Artist Sergio ‘Odeith‘ (featured previously) recently completed this incredible anamorphic graffiti mural inside an abandoned building. On Facebook the artist added:


“1 month ago my friend found this spot. Today we went there to paint. We were caught by the cops.. after showing 10 corner pieces on my phone.. giving my ID..and 1 hour conversation. Finally they let me finish this one. Will post it tomorrow
1st piece of 2017 – because of the previous story. I had only 6 hours to paint this one mostly done with a astro cap. in my opinion I would need one more day to finish it the way I like. At least the let me finish it! Hope you guys enjoy it.”


To see more amazing artwork from Odeith, be sure to check out our previous feature!


Artwork by ODEITH
Website | Facebook | Instagram | Shop




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