Jan 28, 2019

Artists are Turning Spam Headlines Into Tabloid Covers and they Look Identical

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If you have an email address there is a 100% chance that you have received spam. Like death and taxes, spam in your inbox is one of life’s certainties. So reddit user RamsesThePigeon decided to have a little fun with some of the ridiculous subject lines he came across;,using the ‘most appropriate’ ones for headlines on a fictional tabloid cover.

The result was then posted to reddit and the idea was so well received it garnered a number of entertaining responses from other users.



Artwork by RamsesThePigeon




Artwork by Smn86oo




Artwork by RamsesThePigeon




Artwork by RamsesThePigeon




Artwork by RamsesThePigeon



*Bonus Magazine Edition*

Artwork by TheBrokenSwagger




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