Jan 28, 2019

Guy Proposes With the Most Romantic Custom Monopoly Board Ever

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When Justin Lebon decided to propose to his girlfriend he knew he wanted two things: for it to be a surprise and to be special.

To surprise her he decided to propose on a day she would never expect—Christmas! And to make it special, he decided to make a custom version of her favourite boardgame—Monopoly.

Lebon designed a custom board that charted the journey of their relationship, highlighting special memories along the way. He also reached out his friend Mark Becker of Old Redwood to help build a gorgeous, oversized Monopoly board out of wood.

Below you will find highlights of the amazing board along with a brief overview of the significance of each ‘property’ including the secret compartment Becker built to conceal the ring.

[via Justin Lebon on reddit]



Behold! The Christmas present Justin presented to his girlfriend Michal on December 25, 2014.



The two first met on Match.com and First Street Ale House is where they had their first date!



These are the names of the streets the couple grew up on



These are the names of the streets the couple lived on when they first met as well as the name (The Trabin) of their first weekend getaway spot.



During their relationship the couple have stayed at four Westin hotels, which makes a perfect replacement for the four railroads. Each hotel is in chronological order.



Livermore is the name of the first street they lived on together. The other two are cross streets in the neighborhood.



These are the names of the couple’s favorite lakes.



These are the names of the couple’s favorite California getaways.



These are the names of the couple’s favorite places in Hawaii.



Some close-ups of the beautiful custom board made by Mark Becker of Old Redwood.



Apartment 196 is the first place the couple bought together. Home Sweet Home is whenever and wherever the couple are as long as they are together.



The dice were modified to only 3’s and 4’s; so any roll would automatically take her piece to ‘Chance’…



Spoiler Alert! She said yes 🙂



Congratulations to the happy couple!



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