Jan 28, 2019

If there Was a Crappy Design Hall of Fame these Would be the First Inductees

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At the reddit community of /r/CrappyDesign you will find all text in Comic Sans, heavy hits of turquoise, and gradients galore.

Boasting 720,000 members, the community provides a daily reminder that crappy design is everywhere, from products to advertising. Below you will find 15 designs so crappy, well just see for yourself.

[via /r/CrappyDesign]



15. This Rotating Billboard

Video via throatfrog


14. The Audio Clip in this Textbook

Photograph via j0m1n1n


13. The Maze on this Kids Menu

Photograph via MyBoener


12. Hard Hats, Because Safety Comes First

Photograph via CanadianUkr


11. You Are Not Our Trollies

Photograph via TheBombayMixer


10. Do Not Season the Birds

Photograph via Steven_NotMyRealName


9. Over There

Video via joeri_poeri


8. Handed Out as Part of
Safe Sex Campaign on Campus (Donut = Do Not…)

Photograph via wrags23


7. Cookie Comes with Free Gluten?

Photograph via Vexced


6. Oh No Baby! What Is You Doin???

Photograph via yoziphek


5. This Got Me Down Dog

Photograph via skankyfish


4. Schadenfreude?

Photograph via HomemadeGrapplePie


3. This Important Safety Message

Photograph via J4CKR4BB1TSL1MS


2. The Buttons on this Elevator

Photograph via Xadacka


1. This Bathroom Door Lock


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