Jan 28, 2019

If You Color This In Just Right, a Few Gaming Logos Might Appear

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Artist Austin Alander drew this amazing coloring poster featuring hundreds of popular video game characters (even Waldo makes an appearance!).

What’s really cool is that if you color in the poster just right, a Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox and Microsoft logo will magically appear. You can see the full list of video game characters here.

Alander says the entire piece took just over 30 hours to complete with the majority of that time (~30 hours) dedicated to drawing each of the characters.

If you want prints, they are available through Austin’s deviantART page. Links to high-resolution versions of the colored and non-colored posters can be found here and here.

[via Austin Alander on reddit]



Artwork by Austin Alander


Artwork by Austin Alander



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