Jan 28, 2019

If You Only See a Venetian Mask Look Again

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Did you see it? The majority of people just see a slightly blurry, Venetian-style mask. But there’s more to Gianni Sarcone’s “Mask of Love” than meets the eye. Take another look…



Can you see the two faces? There’s actually a couple about to kiss. According to Scientific American, this type of illusion is called ‘bistable’ because you either see a girl or a couple, but not both at once. As the image is within a single mask, most people are more likely to see the single face at first glance.
If you are having trouble discerning the couple about to kiss, check out the visual guide below.



Now if you scroll back up, hopefully you can see both the single face and the couple and switch between the two. If you’re still having trouble discerning the images, the embedded video below may help.



You can find more art and literature from Gianni Sarcone at his official website. If you’re interested in prints of “Mask of Love” visit Red Bubble.


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