Jan 28, 2019

New Banksy’s Appear in NYC, Including Giant Mural of Imprisoned Artist

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New works by Banksy have started to appear around New York including this giant mural the artist did in collaboration with graffiti writer Borf.

The mural shows Turkish artist Zehra Dogan, who a year ago was sentenced to jail for nearly three years by the Turkish courts for a watercolour painting she did based on a photograph she saw in a newspaper.


The watercolor painting by Zehra Dogan

The original photograph the painting was based on

At Houston and Bowery by Banksy and Borf


The giant mural can be seen at the corner of Houston and Bowery in Manhattan with the tally marks symbolically representing the number of days Dogan has already been imprisoned.

According to Colossal, the aspect that the Mardin 2nd High Criminal Court deemed a crime are the Turkish flags that Dogan included, draped over the facades of some of the standing buildings, elements that also appear in the original photo.

You can see the original Instagram posts embedded below where Banksy encourages his followers to repost the painting and tag the Turkish President, Recep Erdogan.





Corner of 14th and Sixth (already removed by owner)

Corner of 14th and Sixth (already removed by owner)

Shuttered Gas Station in Midwood, Brooklyn

Banksy work on Coney Island Avenue

Banksy work on Coney Island Avenue

Imprisoned artist Zehra Dogan


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