Jan 29, 2019

14 Creative Video Game Inspired Movie Posters

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Toronto-based freelance graphic designer Ron Guyatt recently experienced some Internet love, making the front page (and subsequently the top spot) on Reddit (thx to user crudelegend). It was his series of amazing video game inspired artwork, which has the look and feel of a movie poster, that garnered such a positive reaction. Since then his deviantART profile has surpassed 100,000 views and his Etsy store has already sold out of some prints and posters.

Check out the awesome series below and be sure to check out the rest of Ron’s artwork at: http://ron-guyatt.deviantart.com/



1. Portal Movie Poster





2. Halo Movie Poster





3. Fallout New Vegas Movie Poster





4. Legend of Zelda Film Poster





5. Skyrim – Hero Film Poster





6. Bioshock Film Poster





7. Halo – Covenant Propaganda Poster





8.Sim City Movie Poster





9. Dead Space Movie Poster





10. Skyrim – Dragon Poster





11. Tetris Film Poster





12. Hitman Movie Poster





13. Portal Film Poster





14. Fallout 3 Movie Poster









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