Jan 29, 2019

15 Famous Eyeglasses

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Throughout history and popular culture, we have come to associate specific looks and styles with certain people. One example of such ‘trademarks’ is eyewear.

In a personal project entitled Famous Eyeglasses, freelance web designer Federico Mauro put together a series of posters featuring solely the glasses on a plain background with the name of the person underneath (which subtly forms a kind of mouth). Let your imagination fill in the rest.

To see more creative projects from Federico, check out his official website and Behance profile.


1. John Lennon



2. Malcolm X



3. Lolita



4. Morpheus



5. Elvis Presley



6. The Blues Brothers



7. Harry Potter



8. Audrey Hepburn



9. Tony Montana



10. Woody Allen



11. Steve McQueen



12. Tom Cruise



13. Sofia Loren



14. Elton John



15. Steve Jobs








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