Jan 29, 2019

20 Amazing Fourth of July Fireworks Displays Across America

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All across America people celebrated Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July. In the United States it’s a federal holiday that commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

The Fourth of July has a strong association with fireworks. All across the country, people gather to witness these awesome displays of pyrotechnics. It’s a beautiful sight and one that photographers love to capture. Below is a gallery of fireworks displays across the country. I went through about 1500 images this morning on Flickr and these were some of the notable shots.

A simple search of ‘fireworks’ taken on July 4th on Flickr has already produced about 18,000 results. The images below were posted using Flickr’s share button. If you are one of the amazing photographer’s below and would prefer your image not be used, please leave a comment or send a note to [email protected] and it will be removed immediately.

For our American readers, I hope you enjoyed the holiday and were able to see some fireworks! My personal fav is #3, which was a mishap in San Diego Bay where all of the fireworks for a 20 minute show went off all at the same time!




1. Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida


Photograph by Ken Pearson on Flickr




2. Macy’s Fireworks, New York City, New York





3. San Diego Bay Fireworks, California


Photograph via Skape7 on Reddit


A glitch caused the fireworks at San Diego’s biggest fireworks show to ignite all at once, botching the Fourth of July pyrotechnic show for hundreds of thousands of spectators. Fox 5 San Diego reported that viewers saw only a massive display of the Big Bay Boom shortly before 9 p.m., just before the show was to begin at the Port of San Diego.
U-T San Diego quoted the Coast Guard as saying that a premature ignition occurred on several of the barges carrying the fireworks. Read more about it here



4. Macy’s Fireworks, New York City





5. St. Louis, Missouri


Photograph by HLEspinosa on Flickr






Photograph by skapunk5251 on Flickr




7. Sacramento, California





8. Austin Heights, Battle Ground, Washington





9. Melbourne Causeway, Melbourne, Florida





10. Blaine Harbor, Washington





11. Seattle, Washington





12. Mayc’s Fourth of July Fireworks, New York City





13. Milford, Connecticut





14. Los Angeles, California





15. Palm Coast, Florida





16. Sparta, Wisconsin





17. Houston, Texas


Photograph by Ian Adler on Flickr




18. New York City, New York





19. Washington D.C.


Photograph by vtboomamj on Flickr




20. Chicago, Illinois








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