Jan 29, 2019

26 Creative Business Cards That Aren’t Even Cards

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Contact information has gone digital but that doesn’t mean the traditional business card no longer serves a purpose. Business cards these days are used to make an impression. They can be great marketing tools for your services and a memorable ‘card’ can lead to new opportunities.

Below you will find a collection of 26 of the most creative business cards that aren’t even cards in the traditional sense. They do however, make an impression and break through the noise.



1. LEGO employees have the best business cards



2. Bike tool that fits in your wallet

Design by Rethink Canada



3. For Personal Trainers



4. Business card caliper

Design by alikins



5. The ‘Cardapult’: Business card catapult

Design by Bryce Bell



6. Business card coins

Design by dashdot



7. Business cards for plumbers



8. Beef jerky business card is good for a year

Design by Rethink Canada



9. Music to your eyes

Design by Vitor Bonates



10. TMake a seat

Design by Richard C Evans



11. Jack of all trades

Design by Anthony Cole



12. Cheese grater for cheese shop

Design by JWT Brazil



13. Business card skateboard deck

Design by JukeBox Print



14. Musical business card comb

Design by Fabio Milito



15. Lavender sachet business card

Design by Oleander+Palm



16. Frame of mind

Design by Piko



17. Delivery box business card



18. Problem solving business card

Design by Avid Creative



19. Fabric business card



20. Stand up for creativity



21. Business card ring sizer for Jewellers

Design by Jung Von Matt



22. Yoga mat business card

Design by Bryce Bell



23. Business card chocolates



24. Lock pick business card

Design by Kevin Mitnick



25. For growing businesses

Design by Jamie Wieck



26. This business card plays Tetris

Design by Kevin Bates




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