Jan 29, 2019

A Day in the Life of a Stormtrooper

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On April 3rd, 2009, photographer and Star Wars superfan Stéfan Le Dû uploaded a seemingly innocent photo of a stormtrooper escaping from a giant Darth Vader. 367 days later (he missed two days in January of 2010), Stormtroopers365 was complete.

The album was wildly popular, garnering millions of views and a loyal following eager to check in daily for their stormtrooper fix. The creativity was marvellous and Stéfan managed to come up with an incredible variety of scenarios for the famous duo, aptly named TK455 and TK479. If you’re interested in any prints, you can get more info here.
To see the entire gallery, all 365 of them, head over to Flickr for the goods!
Below is a small collection of some of my favourites. Enjoy!




1. The droids we’re googling for





2. Loading metal into the microwave





3. Stormtrooper Cubed





4. Red Card!





5. Fuzzball Suspects





6. Sleeping again !?





7. Pizza Injustice





8. Carbonite?





9. Reunion





10. Stormtroopers 365: Behind the scenes…





11. LP Surfers





12. Text-messaging Luke Skywalker





13. Hi-Hat Accident





14. November, first fire





15. No wall can stop a wookiee!





16. We are the monsters





17. The Rebels’ new weapon





18. Toasting Marshmallows, the Awesome Way





19. Second law of robotics





20. The End












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