Jan 29, 2019

Abandoned Relics on the Cape of Good Hope

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Dillon Marsh is a professional photographer currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Since graduating in 2003 with a BFA from the University of Stellenbosch, Dillon has focused on landscape photography. He chooses objects that can be found in multitude within their environment. He then depicts a family of objects in a series of photographs. By displaying each project as such, he is able to show both the character of the individual members, and the characteristics that make the objects a family.

In his series Relics, which was recently featured on Photography Served, Dillon says the following:

“The Cape of Good Hope on the south western tip of Africa is also known as the Cape of Storms, and bearing testament to this dangerous coastline are numerous shipwrecks. By using long exposures I was able to present an artificial calmness to the scenes and highlight the steadfastness of the wrecks. I photographed these ten between Robben Island and Cape Point.”


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