Jan 29, 2019

Father and Daughter Team Up to Recreate the Most Heartfelt Images Ever

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2009 was an exciting time for Ben Nunery and his soon to be wife Ali. The couple was not only about to get married but they had just closed the deal on their first home. To celebrate both occasions they decided to take their wedding photos in their empty home with the help of Ben’s sister, Melanie Tracy Pace of Loft3 Photography. Two years later, Ali tragically passed away after a battle with a rare form of lung cancer.

Now a full two years after her passing, Ben and daughter Olivia have decided to move out of the house. As they stood in the now empty home getting ready for the big move, Ben’s sister got the idea to recreate the photos from that special day.

Ben wrote about the experience, saying:

“Many people have asked me how I felt while doing that photo session. What I want them to know is that this isn’t a story about grief and loss and hurt. Yes, I’ve gone through those emotions and still do but that’s not what I want people to see in these photos. This is a story about love. The memories of Ali don’t live in that house, they live with us, in our hearts.”


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