Jan 29, 2019

One Line Portraits by Quibe

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Christophe Louis aka Quibe is an artist and illustrator that has created a wonderful series of minimalist portraits using only one stroke. You’ll recognize most of the characters which may help completing the picture in your head. My personal favourite is the ‘kiss’ at number six.

If you enjoy these one line portraits Quibe has prints, canvases, tees and more available on his Society6 store. You can find his latest works by checking him out at the links below.

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1. Stormtrooper



2. Spock



3. Spiderman



4. Batman



5. Hellboy



6. Kiss



7. Fight Club



8. Totoro



9. Iron Giant



10. The Dude (Big Lebowski)



11. Boba Fett



12. Joker








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