Jan 29, 2019

Picture of the Day: The Spirit of Detroit

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Photograph by coreoski on Reddit


Located on the westward-facing wall of the Russel’ Industrial Complex’s Building #2 is this colossal 8,750 square foot (813 sq m) mural by artist Kobie Solomon. Dubbed The Chimera, it’s purportedly the largest graffiti mural in the state of Michigan and can be easily seen by passersby on Interstate 75.

If you’re not familiar with Detroit sports the symbolism might be lost on you, but what you’re looking it is a hybrid animal representing Detroit’s official teams: The Detroit Lions (football), The Detroit Tigers (baseball), The Detroit Redwings (hockey), and The Detroit Pistons (basketball).

Although a traditional Chimera, according to Greek mythology, is usually depicted as a lion, snake and goat, this interpretation is simply awesome.

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