Jan 29, 2019

Picture of the Day: Through the Looking Glass

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Artwork and Photography by Mona Caron


In this brilliant street art painting by Mona Caron, we see a utility box painted to show us what this intersection could look like.

Located at Church St. and Duboce Ave. in San Francisco, the artwork comes to life when you look at it from a specific point and distance. The project was commissioned by the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency.

Funnily enough, the mural (known as the Duboce Bikeway Mural) seen on and behind the utility box was also done by Caron and measures an impressive 340 ft long by 18 ft high (103.6m x 5.5m)!

Below you can see what the actual intersection looks like. For more, check out monacaron.com. You can also keep up with her latest projects on Facebook.






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