Jan 29, 2019

Smithsonian Magazine’s 10th Annual Photo Contest [25 pics]

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Smithsonian Magazine’s 10th Annual Photo Contest has just announced the 50 finalists for this year’s competition. The contest received over 37,600 photo submissions from photographers in 112 countries around the world.

The Smithsonian will be awarding eight prizes:
Grand Prize: $2,500
Category Winners: The winners of each of the five categories will receive $500
Readers’ Choice: The winner of the online Readers’ Choice award will receive $500
Mobile: The best photo in any of the five categories that was taken with a mobile device will receive $500.

The five contest categories this year include:
The American Experience — Events, objects or activities connecting the American people to their history or their cultural heritage; photographs that tell us what it means to be an American and provide a sense of what it is like to live in this country.

The Natural World — Animals, plants and landscapes; geological or climatological features; and scientific processes and endeavors.

People — Individuals from all walks of life.

Altered Images — Photographs manipulated for artistic purposes by applying digital and/or traditional special effects (i.e. colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, HDR, etc.).

Travel — Locales, peoples or activities in the United States and abroad that convey a sense of place.

Starting on March 29, 2013, the public can begin voting for the Reader’s Choice Winner on Smithsonian.com. All winners will be announced in June.

Smithsonian has also launched a new video contest entitled In Motion. The contest is open for entries until May 31, 2013, with over $4,000 available in prizes.



© Colleen Pinski/Smithsonian.com


Albuquerque, NM: An Onlooker Witnesses the Annular Solar Eclipse as the Sun Sets on May 20, 2012. Colleen Pinski, Finalist – The Natural World.


© Giang Hai Hoang/Smithsonian.com


Ninh Hoa District, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam: People Harvesting Salt at Sunset. Giang Hai Hoang, Finalist – Travel.


© Hai Thinh Hoang/Smithsonian.com


Bacson, Langson, Vietnam: Alternating Rice Plots in the Bacson Valley in July. Hai Thinh Hoang, Finalist – Travel.


© Eko Adiyanto/Smithsonian.com


Bekasi, West Java, Indonesia: The Ants Holding Seeds. Eko Adiyanto, Finalist – The Natural World.


© Jason Hatfield/Smithsonian.com


Bryce Canyon National Park, UT: A Lone Hiker Viewed the Path Before Him as the Milky Way Rose in the Night Sky. Jason Hatfield, Finalist – Travel.


© Daniel Nahabedian/Smithsonian.com


Chiang Mai, Thailand: Monks Releasing Lanterns During Loy Krathong in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Daniel Nahabedian, Finalist – Travel.


© Ilan Fain/Smithsonian.com


Nazareth, Israel: In One of the Small Churches in Nazareth. Ilan Fain, Finalist – People.


© Don Holland/Smithsonian.com


Reelfoot Lake State Park, Tennessee: A Pair of Bald Eagles Share a Meal. Don Holland, Finalist – The Natural World.


© Michal Baran/Smithsonian.com


Trim, Ireland: Grey Smoke Hair. Michal Baran, Finalist – Altered.


© Nathan Carlsen/Smithsonian.com


Duluth, Minnesota: A Man-Made Ice Geyser. Nathan Carlsen, Finalist – The Natural World.


© Bob Bush/Smithsonian.com


Namibia: Lone Acacia, Sossusvlei Sand Dunes. Bob Bush, Finalist – Travel.


© Indranil Sengupta/Smithsonian.com


Thrissur, Kerala, India: Puli Kali in the Annual Festival Onam. Indranil Sengupta, Finalist – Travel.


© Paolo Patruno/Smithsonian.com


Mulungwishi, Deomcratic Republic of Congo: Christine, 20-years-old, with Her First Child a Few Months Old. Paolo Patruno, Finalist – People.


© Vanessa Bartlett/Smithsonian.com


Bronx Zoo, NYC: Visiting the Bronx Zoo. Vanessa Bartlett, Finalist – The Natural World.


© Phillip Pilkington/Smithsonian.com


Southport, UK: Baby Owl in Studio. Phillip Pilkington, Finalist – The Natural World.


© Doug Van de Zande/Smithsonian.com


New York City, New York: Nighttime at Times Square, NYC. Doug Van de Zande, Finalist – Americana.


© Neal Piper/Smithsonian.com


Antarctica: Breeding Penguins. Neal Piper, Finalist – The Natural World.


© Piers Calvert/Smithsonian.com


Rio Caqueta, Amazonas, Colombia: Guardians of the Forest. Piers Calvert, Finalist – People.


© Raihan Parvez/Smithsonian.com


Dhaka, Bangladesh: A Day Laborer Works at a Chemical Drum Recycling Plant. Raihan Parvez, Finalist – People.


© Md. Akhlas Uddin/Smithsonian.com


Moulvibazar, Bangladesh: Worshipers at Charak Puja in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh. Md. Akhlas Uddin, Finalist – People.


© Javier Arcenillas/Smithsonian.com


Chicago, IL: Blues in the Streets of Chicago. Javier Arcenillas, Finalist – Americana.


© Vo Anh Kiet/Smithsonian.com


La Pan Tan, Mu Cang Chay, Yen Bai, Viet Nam: Rice Terraces Close to Harvest Season. Vo Anh Kiet, Finalist – Travel.


© Hiep Nguyen Hoang/Smithsonian.com


Hanoi, Vietnam: The Last Pollen Spore Preparing to Leave a Ladybird Trying to Hold On, Because It Didn’t Want to Be Alone. Hiep Nguyen Hoang, Finalist – Altered.


© Teng Hin Khoo/Smithsonian.com


Xiao Donjiang, Hunan, China: River Ferry Operating in the Early Morning in Xiao Donjiang, China. Teng Hin Khoo, Finalist – Travel.


© David Morrow/Smithsonian.com


Mount Rainier, WA: The Milky Way Galaxy Exploding from Mount Rainier. David Morrow, Finalist – The Natural World.







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