Jan 29, 2019

This Guy Bought a Space Suit and Made a Photo Series About an Everyday Astronaut

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Last November, photographer Tim Dodd found himself the lone bidder of a Russian high altitude space suit on an auction website called RRauction and he’s been scheming how to best use the suit ever since. On his website, Dodd explains that he’s recently been revisiting his childhood love for space and his obsession was growing “stronger and stronger”.

Dodd decided that the best use of the suit was to project his inner child, the one that still dreams about space. And that’s how, A day in the life of Everyday Astronaut, was born. It’s Dodd’s first photo series (he’s a seasoned wedding photographer) and judging from the standalone Facebook page, Everyday Astronaut will (hopefully) become an ongoing photo series.

To see the entire 17-picture series, check out Dodd’s official website. You can also like his Official and Everyday Astronaut pages on Facebook.

If you have time, I also highly recommend you check out Dodd’s essay/photo series on his friend Taylor Morris. It is incredibly powerful and moving.

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