Jan 29, 2019

Water Drop Refractions by Markus Reugels

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The Sifter has already featured the amazing work of Markus Reugels, an incredibly talented German photographer that specializes in high-speed and macro photography. His 975-photo Flickr page is a constant source of wonder and inspiration, and I find myself checking in on his latest work often. Much of his photography centers around water drops and the brilliant splashes, reflections and shapes they create.

In his series entitled Refractions, Markus takes high-speed photographs of water droplets as they fall in front of a background image. With amazing timing and persistence, Markus is able to capture the ‘refraction’ of the image inside the droplet of water. The results speak for themselves.

Below you will find eight incredible examples, but be sure to check out the entire 20 photo series on his Flickr page!


If you’re intrigued by Markus’s work, you can find out more info at the following:

Markus Reugels Official Site
Markus Reugels on Flickr
Markus Reugels Online Store (prints, screens, posters, fine art)


























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