Jan 30, 2019

Anamorphic Medusa by Truly Design

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Hailing from Torino, Italy, the art collective turned visual communication studio, Truly Design, created this awesome anamorphic artwork for the factory/urban lab for Sub Urb Art. The images below will give you a sense of the trick perspective work it takes to make this type of artwork possible. Reminiscent of the 3D sidewalk art the Sifter has previously posted, this visual mind-trip looks even more impressive in person… from the proper vantage point of course 🙂








Ninja1 and Mach505 of Truly Design

Truly Design is an artistic collective formed by four friends who have shared their passion for graffiti and street art since adolescence. Thanks to the eclectic approach born from observing and working on their surroundings, the group’s horizons quickly widened from sole artistic production to illustration, graphic design, logotype design, didactics and other creative applications. Truly Design’s resulting professional growth reached its turning point with the foundation of the graphic studio based in Torino. Presently, the collective works both on commissioned projects and personal artistic creations, distinguishing its work with tangible cohesiveness and interest in exploring new expressive channels.


Rocco Emiliano ‘Ninja 1’ Fava
From childhood, I’ve always shown interest for drawing and applied arts; I used to spend entire days coloring away.
Creating has always represented something very intimate and personal, an escape from everyday thoughts. Proof is, I didn’t choose to study art, having studied law and painting graffiti as a liberation, a second life…a true alter ego. My art would certainly have remained a hobby if I hadn’t stumbled upon the Truly Design project. It took some time to realize that, since that day, my life truly changed…and it makes me really happy!

Marco ‘Mach505’ Cimberle
Sight is the most complex and important of our five senses, allowing humans to observe, understand, learn, move and survive in their environment. Like an eye’s pupil, I’ve always adapted to the exterior world to elaborate the abundant or scarse information which I was able to extract each instant: this is why it’s always been so important for me to observe all that surrounds me to understand and objectify it in the form of something crafted with my own hands, availing myself of technologies assimilated throughout the years. Truly Design is the rest of the physical apparatus which accelerated my process of elaboration and growth.

















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