Jan 30, 2019

Incredible Club Flyer Designs by Digital Artist Prop4g4nda

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Based out of Salonique, Greece, digital artist Prop4g4nd4 (that’s Propaganda for you non-l33t speakers) has some beautiful digital art posted online. Although it was his brilliant club flyers that initially piqued my interest, you can see on his MySpace and deviantART pages that he’s starting to expand his unique design style and explore other techniques.

I couldn’t find much on the artist himself besides the information provided on his MySpace page which I’ve pasted below:

Music: kliks, bleeps, tschk tschk, boots, heels, cello and contrabasso too
Films: quite a few
Television: whenever i feel stupid
Books: hunter s. thompson
Heroes: anyone creative
Zodiac Sign: Aries


prop4g4nd4 on Mypace
prop4g4nd4 on deviantART
– I first spotted his work on: bumbumbum

greatest jazz musicians of all time miles davis django reinhardt ella fitzgerald art blakey kenny dixon jr moodymann Incredible Club Flyer Designs by Digital Artist Prop4g4nda
This was a commissioned artwork for “Inteal” Wine Jazz Bistrot in Thessaloniki, Greece. The illustration is a tribute to some of the greatest jazz musicians of all time (from left to right):

– Miles Davis
– Django Reinhardt
– Ella Fitzgerald
– Art Blakey
– Kenny Dixon Jr (Moodymann)

Final question, is it flyer or flier?

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