Jan 30, 2019

La Mian – The Ancient Art of Chinese Noodle Making

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La Mian is a type of handmade or hand-pulled Chinese noodle. Through a process of stretching and twisting wheat flour, noodle makers can hand pull hundreds, even thousands of beautiful long thin noodles for a variety of dishes. The process is simple enough, but when you see a master noodle maker perform, one truly appreciates the art and beauty of cooking.





Photograph by Rodzillaaaaa



















Watch Chef Kin Jing Mark make 4,096 noodles in one minute!





“It’s very fine” – Chef Kin Jing Mark

Photograph by Matthew Fang


The photographs (above and below) are from a place in the Taiwan countryside called Zhang-Hua



Photograph by Matthew Fang




































haha the backdrop on this image makes it look like a desktop wallpaper



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