Jan 30, 2019

Socket To Me – The Death of the Extension Cord

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The scenario above angers me. Effective? Absolutely. But at what cost? It’s ugly, it’s bulky, it’s orange, and when you’re done you have to place it back from whence it came.

Enter Meysam Movahedi and the rambler socket. A brilliant design concept that:
a) hides the mess
b) only extends what is required
c) aesthetically pleases me

See images below for the ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ moment we all love to have.

Courtesy of Yanko Design

Courtesy of Yanko Design

Courtesy of Yanko Design

First spotted on Yanko Design“> and later posted by Gizmodo and the rest of the blogosphere, some interesting conversation surfaced regarding the design and possible issues, see below for thought-fodder:

– Possible over-heating issues with a coiled wire make this a potential safety hazard
– A durable recoil mechanism is essential
– Possible it would need a built-in breaker that can be reset easily or very heavy wire
– How much internal wall space is required to fit all of the cord?
– Possible for new home builds but could be difficult to ‘replace’ an outlet in older buildings

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