Jan 30, 2019

STREET ART: Eye Heart NYC by Peat Wollaeger [21 pics]

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First spotted on Wooster Collective, street artist Peat Wollaeger caught my ‘eye’ with his giant eyeballs. Seen all over New York City in various sizes and styles, from stencils and stickers to balloons, Pete’s work brings walls, signs and streets to life. Check out some highlights from his Flickr stream below. You can also find his blog, shop and more work on his personal site: STENSOUL.COM


Suburban Dad by day and a stencil graffiti artist by night. Peat Wollaeger has three young boys and a wonderful wife. Drawing and painting ever since he was a kid, Peat started doing commercial art in the 90’s and continued for almost a decade, creating urban designs for such clients as Coca-Cola, R. J. Reynolds, M&M Mars, Anheuser Busch and some lesser evils.

Burned out with the graphic arts scene and not creating any personal art, he moved back to St. Louis and started using stencils and spray enamels to reproduce his illustrations, and now it’s his medium of choice.

Internationally known for his whimsical, raw and brightly colored stenciled characters, that include the Mr. Teeth, the Dead Fat Comedians, Albino Alley Cat, SOUL-oo-zhen and his Luchador (Mexican Wrestlers) series, as seen at the Hotel Des Arts in San Francisco. He also incorporates these characters into various viral videos that he creates to help promote his art and to help his audience understand the stencil process.

Peat work will also be featured in two upcoming stencil books, a French one “Stencil History X” and “Stencil Nation” from stencilarchive.org.

In December Peat completed a massive wall as a Tribute to Keith Haring for art history month at Primary Flight during this years Art Basel 2007 in Miami. Currently he is working on a new body of work for a massive exhibition in Melbourne in May of 2008.


– Personal site: http://www.stensoul.com/
– Peat on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/stensoul/
Peat on Facebook
Peat on Twitter
Peat on Vimeo
Peat on MySPace

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