Aug 24, 2019

Guy Designs Funny, Useless Products To Solve Problems That Don’t Exist

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In a quest to solve the world’s problems that don’t exist; designer Matt Benedetto imagines, creates, and shares an ongoing series of Unnecessary Inventions from sunglasses with miniature blinds to chopstick extensions for your AirPods.

You can find all of them on Instagram where Benedetto shares his growing collection of useless products.




SunShaders Get more of your sunglasses with your own shades for your shades. Whether you need to block out more light, spy through the blinds, or block out haters – wear them up, down, or closed with your favorite pair of sunglasses.




AirStick The perfect accessory for your apple AirPods. Enjoy your favorite sushi on the go and never leave your chopsticks behind.




Avoiding spoilers or simply tired of hearing about Game of Thrones? Conveniently have a pair of earplug anytime you don’t want to hear about the newest episode.





The Hoverbrella Enjoy a rainy day without the hassle of having to carry an umbrella. Go hands free and a tay completely dry as it follows you around wherever you need to go!




The Inferno Knuckles The essential at home nighttime protection device. Illuminate the way as you check and protect yourself from a home invader.




The Anywhere Hook Your personal coat hook that goes with you anywhere that you go.




The Finglonger Reach new heights like never before! Extend your abilities on any finger to finally reach what you simply never could before.




The Driver Snack Tax Chute On those road trips, transport your favorite snacks directly from the backseat into the drivers hands safely and easily. Don’t hog all the good stuff back there!




The LookBak Never miss a thing with your own personal rear view mirror anywhere you go! The elastic band stretch around your arm while the mirror sits perfectly in view on your shoulder.




The ForkYou Never have your condiments touch or mix with this click activated condiment fork. Carefully fill each compartment and chow down.




The FurRoller Start telling all your friends that you got a dog and cover all your clothes in fur. Choose your favorite breed of dog and roll your heart out.




The Calf Scratch Stop reaching down when your knee high socks are making your legs itchy. Conveniently scratch your calves anywhere & anytime.



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