Nov 23, 2020

This Hairstylist Can’t Work So She’s Giving Her Boyfriend a New Daily Hairdo Instead

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Like many of us, salon owner and stylist Heidi Oley is stuck at home and unable to work. She’s not letting that stop her from practicing her craft though!

Her boyfriend, who is also working from home and practicing social distancing, has now become her muse and Heidi is giving him a new and inspired hairdo for every day they are under quarantine.

So far she’s done Princess Leia, George Washington, Amy Winehouse, ’90s prom’ and Cindy Lou Who from Dr. Seuss’s ‘How the Grinch Stole Christmas’.

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1. Princess Leia

Hair Styled by Heidi Oley


2. George Washington

Hair Styled by Heidi Oley


3. Amy Winehouse

Hair Styled by Heidi Oley


4. ’90s Prom’

Hair Styled by Heidi Oley


5. Cindy Lou Who

Hair Styled by Heidi Oley


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