Jul 14, 2021

This Artist Draws Using Only Letters and Numbers on Old Typewriters

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It started in 2014 with the purchase of a vintage 1956 Oliver Courier typewriter. Now 7 years, 35 typewriters, and nearly 100 works of art later, James Cook is a bonafide typewriter artist.

According to his website bio:

James draws his inspiration from artist, Paul Smith, 1921-2007; a Philadelphia-born typewriter artist who suffered severe cerebral palsy his entire life. Smith produced intricately-detailed drawings that are stamped with thousands of letters, numbers and punctuation marks. The control and precision of the mechanical typewriter helped Smith through his cerebral palsy to produce a portfolio of work spanning nearly 70 years.


He also adds that he is able to do larger drawings by hot pressing together sheets of paper and that each drawing cam take between a week and month to complete.

Below we’ve included a gallery of some of his works along with videos that show some of the process involved in creating each amazing drawing. For more, check out James’ work at the links below!


Website | Instagram

















Website | Instagram


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