Mar 8, 2022

10 Great Makeup Designs by a Very Talented Instagram Artist

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Photo Credit: Instagram, Dain Yoon

Dain Yoon is a makeup artist whose title doesn’t really do her justice.

It’s more like she’s a painter who uses people as her canvas. And she’s been getting quite a lot of attention for her striking creations in the vein.

With more than 600,000 Instagram followers at the time of writing and a ton of press piling up, it’s safe to say people are really taking notice of her striking and often mind-bending visual creations.

1. Inner Layers

2. The Afterlife

3. Kicks

4. Lady Liberty

5. Yin and Yang

6. Stained Glass

7. Tile Style

8. Mirror Ball

9. Color Pallet

10. Classic Car

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