Mar 8, 2022

Artist Gets Revenge on a Cheapskate Who Wasted Their Time

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Ever since eBay and Craigslist revolutionized online sales between people, the Internet has become a valuable tool for those with something to sell but no existing retail infrastructure to help.

But there are downsides, too…because it can be a nightmare when you get money involved.

But Reddit user and artist called Ryan_is_my_real_name found a way to turn the tables on that nightmare and exact careful vengeance on someone who seemed bent on disrespecting the marketplace.

And by careful, we mean careful. Meticulous. Patient. Literally calculated.

It’s the kind of story that truly belongs in r/ProRevenge.

Chapter 1: The Auction

Don’t mess with artists, man.

Chapter 2: The Time Waster

Whatever you do, don’t be this guy.

Chapter 3: One Year Later

Whatever became of our beloved Time Waster?

Chapter 4: Sweet Revenge

The care that goes into this is what’s really impressive.

Chapter 5: The Car

This guy is going places.

Chapter 6: Annoying, Isn’t It?

What a hilarious nightmare this is.

What’s the moral of the story?

Just don’t bid on things you have no intention of buying. Literally nobody benefits from that. There are far better and less harmful ways to cure your boredom.

Have you ever taken “pro revenge” on someone?

Tell us the sordid tale in the comments.

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