Apr 1, 2021

These Two Strangers Had a Crazy Saturday and the Pics to Prove It

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Taken by Chad Schnell


Imagine your luck. You snagged the window seat and the your flight has just taken off from Denver. Next stop Honolulu, Hawaii. 20 minutes after takeoff, you hear a loud boom. You look out your window and you see..



Amazingly, the Boeing 777, with 231 passengers and 10 crew on board, was able to return safely and land at Denver airport. No injuries were reported. For those curious, it was United Airlines Flight 328.

Now imagine, you’re at home. It’s just another Saturday in Broomfield, a Denver suburb. You check the clock, it’s just after 1pm when all of a sudden you hear a loud boom. You look out your window and you see..



You run outside. Look up, and wonder what just happened. You look at your house, it’s fine. You look at your truck it’s also fine. You hear about debris falling from the sky elsewhere around town. Miraculously everyone is fine. There are no injuries onboard or in the town below. Just, wow.



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