Apr 2, 2021

The Terrifying Beirut Explosion as Captured and Experienced by People Across the City

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Yesterday evening (August 4, 2020) at 6pm local time, multiple explosions occurred in Beirut, Lebanon, the nation’s capital. The devastating blasts occurred at the Port of Beirut. The main explosion was linked to approximately 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate that had been confiscated by the government from an abandoned ship and stored in the port without proper safety measures for the previous six years.

The impact of the tragedy is still unfolding but so far there have been over 100 casualties with many people still missing and thousands of people being treated for injuries. Some 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes, but amid the devastation, stories of heroism are also emerging.

While power remains out in much of the city, the citizens of Beirut are coalescing, doing what they can to help their fellow residents. If you want to help, donations can be made to the Lebanese Red Cross.

Like so many major current events, scenes from Beirut unfolded and spread online in real time, as people with cameras and phones captured the devastating blasts from across the city, experiencing the event in different ways.

Below is a compilation of videos we’ve collected from various sources.



The Blast



From the water



While driving



From the ground



During a wedding photoshoot



Multiple angles of the explosion synced




During a BBC interview



From 10 km away



Before and After




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