Apr 2, 2021

These NFL Ref Memes About Arguing on the Internet are Perfect

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Memes make the world go round. They have become an Internet staple. You know what else is an Internet staple? Arguing online with a complete stranger.

Reading 300 comments of an argument on Facebook that has nothing to do with me is a daily routine at this point. And with every online argument comes an endless stream of fallacies and cliche attacks that are so commonplace, there’s memes for them ?

So with that, enjoy these.



1. Ad Hominem Attack


2. False Dichotomy


3. Circular Logic


4. False Causality


5. Trolling


6. Intimidation


7. Echo Chamber


8. Goalposting


9. Hedging


10. No Sources


11. Nirvana Fallacy


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