Apr 7, 2021

‘Confetti’, a New Munker Illusion Where Every Dot is Actually the Same Color

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Credit David Novick


A new ‘Munker illusion‘ by Engineering professor David Novick has been getting shared on Twitter where all the dots in the background are the same color (RGB 250, 219, 172) but are perceived as four different colors.

Interestingly, the illusion seems to be more pronounced when viewed at a smaller size:



Japanese psychologist Akiyoshi Kitaoka saw Novick’s version and decided to create his own using three hearts instead:


Credit Akiyoshi Kitaoka


The easiest way to ‘see’ that they are the same colour is to zoom or magnify the image as much as you can and compare nearby circles/hearts. The illusion, also known as ‘White’s illusion’ or ‘Munker-White’s illusion’, is explained in far greater detail on this Wikipedia page.

You can see the original tweets below:





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