Apr 8, 2021

PTA’s ‘Alternative Fundraiser’ Gets Internet Seal of Approval

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In the United States it is common for the PTA (parent-teacher association) to raise money by asking students (or their parents) to sell various goods to their friends and family like wrapping paper, popcorn, cookie dough etc.

Often the sale items are provided by an intermediary, so ultimately the PTA may receive less than 50% of the proceeds.

So when reddit user Charlie_Oliver shared an ‘alternative fundraiser’ organized at his kids’ elementary school, it was not only applauded, but sparked a plethora of comments from other parents/colleagues/family members who have been guilted into buying crap they don’t need.

Not only do 100% of the proceeds go to the school, but a whole lot of people’s time and energy is conserved with this direct approach. What do you think?

[via Charlie_Oliver on reddit]





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