Jul 15, 2021

Reddit Fell in Love with this Shelter Dog and He Just Found His Forever Home!

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Last week reddit user Narya9 posted a photo of an adorable dog that was yet to be adopted..



According to Narya9, the ‘Pouty Hippo’s’ name was Mack and he was located at the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore, MD. The big dog’s adorable features bowled over the reddit community and he quickly became the most popular image on one of the Internet’s largest communities.

A few days later a follow-up picture emerged, saying the dog had just moved from the shelter to his forever home.



Shortly thereafter, another reddit user, KeysOnATable, shared an update saying he and his family were the ones to adopt the dog, who they now called Frank ‘the Tank’. They even set up an Instagram handle for those that wanted to follow his life with his new family.



You can follow Frank’s new adventures on Instagram at @frankthedoggotank



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