Jul 15, 2021

The Shirk Report – Volume 434

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Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will find 20 funny images, 10 interesting articles and 5 entertaining videos from the last 7 days of sifting. Most images found on Reddit; articles from Facebook, Twitter, and email; videos come from everywhere. Any suggestions? Send a note to [email protected]



– Friday!
– This guy has already won
– Earth was an inside job
– I’m just going to leave this here
– When the boo is too effective
– New pole vault fail
– That’s not a curve, that’s a vicious circle of rejection
– Nice try Narc
– Another step forward in human-bear relations
– What in the actual? | Walmart: Hold my beer (Don’t worry y’all they’ve apologized)
– This seems apropos
– Who needs a hug after that back to school disaster?
– Won’t someone think of the children
– This is low-key brilliant
– So apparently in Brazil, remotes have a futebol button
– Relevant
– How can a little pickle eat so much?
– We could both do this all day
– Apologies in advance for getting this song stuck in your head for the weekend
– Until next week



– How Two Brothers Turned Seven Lines of Code Into a $9.2 Billion Startup
– The Dr. Who Drank Infectious Broth, Gave Himself an Ulcer, and Solved a Medical Mystery
– The Mozart-like complexity of Carly Rae Jepsen’s biggest hits
– Turning Negative Thinkers Into Positive Ones
– The No-GPS Road Trip
– How to Raise a Feminist Son
– Can a Living Creature Be as Big as a Galaxy?
– Biohackers Encoded Malware in a Strand of DNA
– Rich SF residents get a shock: Someone bought their street
– 20 Years of the Same Prank Call at a Legendary NYC Bar


5 VIDEOS + Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch













Here’s to a weekend that goes on and on and on and on



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